Outstanding talent receives loan of an exquisite Matteo Goffriller violin

The founder of the Stradivari Invest and the ambassador of the prestigious Stradivari Society, Staffan Borseman, has ceremonially handed over a unique Matteo Goffriller violin to the outstanding 14 year old talent Michala Høj. The ceremony took place at the Bach Klaver & Flygler salon in Copenhagen the 24th March 2007.

The valuable violin was kindly loaned to Michala by an anonymous Danish patron.


The Matteo Goffriller c1700 violin is a unique and immaculate master instrument that is in the inner circle of experts recognised as the best violin made by the great Venetian master. The last owner of the instrument was the international soloist and the current leader of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Robert Chen.

The violin is of such a high quality that it will meet all Michaela’s professional needs and demands she can have on an instrument on her way to the top of her professional international career. The instrument will surely contribute to further growth of her exceptional talent.


Michala Høj is one of the most notable violin talents for her age. She is regarded both in Denmark and abroad as unusually gifted talent with the highest international potential. Her convincing performances have ensured her first prizes in several competitions.

It is paramount for all highly talented string players like Michala Høj to be able to use the highest quality instruments. A top instrument is indispensable for reaching the top levels of mastery and for successful international career.


Michala Hoj

“I am very thankful. It is a great feeling to be the recipient of this violin and it is a great opportunity for me. It is so much more fun to practice and the violin always plays the sound I want. “


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