Risk Evaluation

Experts in the field consider the risk of capital loss low or very low. As stated earlier, the historic sale prices and all known public sales records suggest that the value of the finest stringed instruments build by Stradivari or Guarneri del Gesù has never decreased, even during times of economic depression. Even though nobody can see into the future, all indicators suggest that this long-standing trend will continue.

The full value of the instrument is always “all risk” insured by an AAA rated insurance company. The only risk that the instrument cannot be insured against is, if the musician that loans the instrument runs away with it. However this is very unlikely. We choose the virtuoso star for the loan of the instrument very carefully among the best world talents of today. It is not an unknown person from the street.

To be awarded with a loan of a very precious instrument is a dream-come-true for talented musicians. They are thrilled. It is an incredible privilege to be able to play one of the very top stringed instrument species available. The fine instrument is the musician’s lifeblood and livelihood.

It helps the talented performer to reach the highest grounds of the virtuoso megastar career. It definitely opens new doors and new possibilities. If the player runs away with the instrument, his or her career is obviously over. And … nobody has ever done it.

There is no record of any musician not being grateful for the loaned instrument and not taking the best possible care and not upholding the terms and conditions attached to using it.

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