Rare Instruments

Stradivari Invest® has several top rare stringed instruments to choose from at any time. At the moment we can offer to sole investors five Antonio Stradvari violins and one Guarneri del Gesu violin in the price range 1.700.000 - 20.000.000 USD. Less and more expensive instruments are available on request.

We will assist you in choosing the best instrument for you depending on your situation, your expectations and needs. Each instrument is different, has its own potential and is sometimes bound by specific conditions.

Investing in top rare stringed instruments is not for everybody and the market players do not accept everybody as an investor. The top rare stringed instrument market is selective and has its own rules and mechanisms. It is a market of a few privileged players.

Even though investing in top rare stringed instruments is a profitable business, it is not only about money. It is also about feelings, captivating experiences, increased happiness and good relations.

If you wish to enter this fascinating and thrilling world as an investor and patron, please contact us.

Rare Instrument For Sale?

If you have a rare stringed instrument for sale, please let us know.

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