Anne Akiko Meyers Receives Lifetime Use of “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri del Gesù

“I have never heard another violin with such a beautiful spectrum of colour,” Anne Akiko Meyers said about the “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri del Gesù in a press release recently.

“I am honoured and humbled to receive lifetime use of the instrument, and I look forward to taking the violin to audiences all over the world.”

When the Chicago based rare instrument dealer Bein & Fushi had the stunning 1741 “Vieuxtemps” Guarneri del Gesù violin for sale, the asking price was $18 million.

No one is saying how much the instrument actually fetched. The world famous violin known as the “Mona Lisa of violins” was bought for Anne’s lifetime use by an anonymous sponsor.

The former owner Ian Stoutzker, a London banker, sold it through the dealer J & A Beares, Ltd. for an undisclosed amount.

The selling price is said to have exceeded the previous world-record sale price of the 1721 “Lady Blunt” Stradivari, which was sold in 2011 by Tarisio Auctions for $15.9 million.

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